SW Towing provides fast and affordable tow truck service when you need it the most. Our fleet of various wreckers helps to provide the best roadside assistance service in the area.  Tow trucks is a vehicle designed to haul, lift and transport other cars from one place to the other. Certain problems can cause a car to be inoperable. This is where the tow truck comes in. With the help of a skilled towing company technician, your car can be transferred from one location to the other safely.

As an example, some individuals, who may be moving out of state, often turn to long-haul towing for fast and efficient travel. Other examples include a car breakdown, an auto accident, or engine malfunction. All of these car conditions will result in an operable car. If you find yourself in any of this situation, a towing service is something that you need.

Best Tow Truck Service When You Need It

There are several types of tow trucks and each one has its own purpose:

  •    Flatbed Tow Trucks

The flatbed tow truck has a large, horizontal platform where the vehicle in tow rests. In order to successfully place the vehicle into the platform, the platform has to be tilted. It then becomes a ramp to allow easy pulling. Once the car is in placed it will be secured and the platform will be tilted back to its original position.

  •    Wheel-Lift

The wheel-lift tow truck hooks a car using several computers operated devices which are the yoke and a hydraulic or pneumatic device. The way it works, the yoke will be lowered flat to the ground, and under the front or back wheels of the car. Using the hydraulic device, the car is then hoisted up and purposely living the other set of wheels on the ground. Wheel-lift tow trucks are commonly used in many repossession processes. The reason behind this is that the tow truck is small therefore reducing the risk of incurring marks or damage to the towed car.

  •    Hook-and-Chain-Tow Trucks

Tow trucks of this kind operate and look like the wheel-lift tow trucks. On the back of this truck is a boom where it carries a heavy-duty chain and hook. In order to tow the vehicle, the hook is attached to the underside of the car. The wheels are then secured and the boom will be lifted, living only one set of wheels on the ground for towing.

SW Towing delivers all our services using the top-quality equipment. Therefore, you can trust us to deliver your cars safely and in a timely manner. All our technicians are trained to handle different vehicle type and can deliver the towing service that you need. If you ever find yourself in need of towing assistance, don’t hesitate to call SW Towing for fast and excellent towing service.


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